5 powerful networking strategies for geeky introverts.







Book description: 

Good news! You can grow your network without being extroverted. 5 powerful strategies for geeky introverts gives you options on how you grow your network in 1 on 1 situations without the anxiety of large crowds. It can also teach a thing or two for those of you willing participate in networking mixers. Networking has nothing to do about extroverts or introverts, it’s about just being a good human being and this book shows you how.

Inside the book are in-depth tactics and strategies that can be applied for networking including:

  • the 10 commandments of emailing busy people that you should never brake.
  • How to contact VIP people including email templates.
  • How to set up a coffee break with e-mail templates.
  • How to collaborate with peers.
  • How to use blogs for networking from your room.
  • How to talk in networking mixers and survive!


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