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How to win with the habit of curiosity.


The habit of curiosity has lead to big discoveries on Mars.

Curiosity is the gas of the world. You can say in a way. Nothing of value cannot happen without it. It can improve life in ways you might not have considered. Here is how building the habit of curiosity can improve your life.

  • Your influence can grow. Being curious will increase your knowledge of how the world works and will allow you to connect seemingly unrelated topics and combine them to create solutions and increase your creativity creating a cascading effect in which other people will notice and potentially connect with you.

  • It will lead you to excitement. Many people say they want happiness when they really mean they want excitement. Building the habit of curiosity will lead to discoveries and experiences that will create adrenaline and endorphins. That that can be achieved everyday I absolutely do not recommend waiting for the weekends to do that. The best role model to follow for this behavior is DR. WHO. The Doctor always finds himself in adventures just by having an insatiable curiosity.

  • You will have less time for negative self talk. While being passive you let more opportunities for your lizard brain to affect your emotions. The Lizard brain refers to the oldest part of the brain, the brain stem, responsible for primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear.

  • You can overcome anxiety. Socially anxious people who experience high levels of curiosity, or appraise certain events as having a high possibility to satisfy curiosity, are more likely to engage in approach behavior despite having conflicting avoidance motivations,” according to a study published in 2009 by psychologist Todd Kashdan in the Journal Of Anxiety Disorders.

  • It Keeps you healthy. Researchers from the University of Alberta (Canada) found in 2005 that for 90% of the population, keeping the brain sharp as we age can be as simple as being and staying mentally inquisitive. The team found that people who are curious at a young age are more likely to be mentally active, and stay that way, as they age. In addition, people in their 70s and 80s who started engaging in activities to improve mental capacity at those ages could enjoy similar benefits to brain health. Some of the best activities that keep the mind active and curious include: reading, traveling, memorizing poetry, playing card games, doing crossword puzzles, learning how to play a musical instrument, taking classes, and surfing the Internet.


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