How to build habits like Batman

Many people daydream about being Batman, myself included. When I was a kid I used to fantasize buying something like a black Porsche and modifying to have my own bat mobile. Michael Caine said it perfectly, that what attracts us to Batman is the if you had a zillion dollars you could become the Dark Knight. However, sadly most of us don’t have that kind money lying around. Does that mean we cannot be more like Bruce Wayne? Hell No!

OK, so we won’t have cool gadgets to fight crime anytime soon. However, It was not the gadgets or the money that maid Bruce Wayne a successful hero. It has his methodology, his systems. Think about it, in order do be Batman Bruce Wayne had to do the following routines.

  • Push ups when he wakes up.

  • Fight crime at night

  • Act like he was a playboy when he was not being Batman.

  • Cover his investments in gadgets through his company.

  • Have someone looking out for His company.

And many more…

The pattern here was that he had systems working for him to make his life easier. Think about it. Did Bruce Wayne become Batman over night? Of course not! It took him years of following routines to even consider becoming a superhero. Systems that in the end, were more important than his money and his gadgets. We may not have his billions or his martial arts training, but one thing we can emulate from Bruce Wayne is his use of systems.

Now here in the real world we are not going to become vigilantes. However, we have our own battles to fight. We want to have more friends, more money, travel more often and have a fulfilling career. We can either let life take us where it pleases or take control of what we can and steer it to are ideals as much of possible. Hopefully you are in the camp that wants to take more control of stuff. Taking complete control of our lives like Bruce Wayne means developing routine and systems of our own one baby step at a time. In Batman begins it took seven years for Bruce Wayne to Become Batman so don’t you think for one second we are going to see fast results. It’s a marathon, not sprint and it takes development of tiny habits.

Research done by Prof. BJ Fogg in Stanford University has shown that to develop habits is the same thing like exercises. You start small and then very big. In you hardly exercise it’s better to exercise for 5 minutes than 30. If you want to start saving it’s way more better to save 1% than starting with 20%. Check out BJ Fogg’s video below.

This is powerful stuff. It’s very simple to learn, yet our obsession with fast results keeps us from taking it seriously. Soon those goals that you had keep rolling down from one year to the next., stopping us from growing. The good news is that the faster we understand our own psychology, the faster we can set measurable goals and develop habits that will lead us to success. So what big goals do you guys have in mind that can be broken into tiny habits? What tiny action are you going to take tomorrow to get you closer to that goal?


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