How to find your own personal Yoda.

Last week I found myself pondering what next step should I do with a script for an experimental film that I wish to shoot. After many false starts and set-backs I really wanted to make sure that this particular short film got done. What film festival should I submit it too. If I should send it to a professional script consultant, how many people should be on my team. Suddenly it started to dawn on me that I was feeling overwhelmed and that’s were I became self conscious and realized that I was trying to figure things out on my own.

We all do that. Some people a lot more than others. We sometimes tend to think that if we just gave a problem more analysis and thought, that the solution would eventually appear. That’s what they taught us from to get go right? To think on our own. However, in today’s environment that solutions to problems are often gathered by more than just one person. Take for example the Oculus rift, a virtual reality gaming system. In order to finance the project, the creators turned to kickstarter for support from video game fans that were able to raise more than 2 million dollars in 30 days to further it’s development and initial reviews are stellar; it’s not like that wanna be Nintendo virtual boy in the 90’s. Does anyone remember that one?

There are many reasons why we don’t tend to reach out to people and most of them tend to be mental barriers that we impose on ourselves. We make many assumptions such as “I don’t think they would want to help me” or if I just keep reading blogs I know I will find the answer. We always forget that good teacher is way better than a book and even better. Reading takes a long time while a teacher can give you answers immediately. To put it in geeky terms, No matter how strong the force was with Luke Skywalker; it was when he finally met Yoda that he truly learned the ways of the force.

Some of you might think that you don’t have friends and mentors that you can count on, but in rare instances that is true. What is happening is that you’re letting fear of failure to take control of you and you guys just know that fear is part of the dark side. There is always somebody; it may be a fellow classmate from college or high school, a former teacher, a successful uncle or a neighbor, not to mention friends from social media like Facebook or Linkedin. Just call then and they them to coffee or at minimum call them.


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