Networking for Introverts Guide

High targets


In this page you will find the essential articles and practical tools that can grow your network.

The Video below is from Derek Halpern a successful entrepreneur and founder of Social Triggers a blog for marketeers. In his video he explains  in a nutshell the importance of being valuable to other people for networking success.


If you saw the video above you know you already how social media can be a powerful ally for networking. If you use Facebook you know you can group your friends by categories and follow them separately instead of just clicking in the general Facebook feed. Just click the friends button on the top right on the page and then click “add to another list”.

For twitter go ahead an subscribe to their free service tweetdeck which let’s you organize the people you follow by lists. This discussion goes on much deeper on the ebook 5 powerful networking strategies for geeky introverts yours free when you subscribe!

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