The Journey of your Goals.

The Journey was a special edition episode that I made. It’s a short film/music video I guess? Anyway this episode was meant to accomplish 4 objectives:

Still from Episode 7: The Journey


  • Number one was to talk about how we focus to much on our goals when we should focus more on our process and enjoy the climb. I was inspired by a Gary Vaynerchuck video where he talks about the climb. Of course the tone and style of my video is completely different for Gary’s. Mine is obviously more leaning to the geek side and instead of the climb I called it the Journey. Yeah an original title I know.
  • Number two objective was to be as creative as possible and of course being a filmmaker I wanted to to something epic. It does not have a Lord of the Rings budget; heck, it does not even have a Lord of the Rings knock off budget. However it’s my baby and I love it, warts and all. I always talk about how not to let perfection get the best of you and how we need to take action always instead of waiting the stars to align.
  • Number three was to practice my craft in adobe after effects. Which is one of the big reasons I make these videos. To keep polishing my skills as a filmmaker. The book so good they can’t ignore you makes a strong case for homing your skills. I highly recommend reading that book for advancing any career.
  • Number four was for collaborating. I have always wanted to work with Sarah Danko. We tried to work in another project which didn’t took off. When I came about the idea of shooting The Journey of course I called her first. This is an example of both networking and collaborating to do incredible projects and I hope it inspire you to interact with more people. The more connections you have the higher chances you have of succeeding in any project. You don’t have to be an extrovert, but don’t let introversion stop you from connecting to other people.

That’s it I hope you enjoy the video and that it will inspire you on your own personal journey.


How introverts can accomplish goals like Harry Potter and Harmonie.

Last week we discussed the topic of taking control of our lives, but this week is when you can learn actual steps to take control of your own life using systems and developing tiny habits without having to cast on yourself an Imperius curse. I loved the Harry Potter films and I waited to watch all films before I could start reading the books which, by the way I’m still in book one. Of course my favorite character was Harry because he always took action regardless of the risk involved, but I also was a fan of Hermione because she was methodical and organized. You could tell that she had routines that aided her self-development, becoming one of the brightest students in Hogwarts. It’s funny that JK Rowling said recently that she regretted not having them to be romantically involved, because despite that I was glad that Ron ended with Hermione, I can she how perfect Harry and Hermione were actually perfect for each other.

It turns out that their characteristics are perfect for us as well. How many of you want a better lifestyle? I’m willing to bet that many of you wish you could work in a dream job. Some of you would want to finally travel abroad. How do we accomplish those goals? As much as we may want to send hundreds of resumes using owl’s; alas, it’s probably not the most efficient way to do it. Same thing goes by just playing the lottery so we can finally go on that trip to Japan.

  • The first step would be write down what do we want. Sounds lame? Perhaps. Does it work? Ask any successful entrepreneur. I’m not joking… do it. Use and start practicing your social skills. For those of you who are skeptical and say that by just writing your goals down nothing will happen, I will just say you are right, which brings me to my next point.
  • Write How your going to accomplish your goal in a measurable way. Let’s say you want to go to Japan. Other questions that you need to answer is when? How much would it cost? How much do you need to save per month? What automatic system would you use for saving? What steps are you going to take today, tomorrow, next week? See how the dream becomes much clearer. Don’t leave anything up in the air. Organize your thoughts because…
  • Action is the most important step. Move your ass dammit! Write down some actions to take and them start doing them even if you don’t know what steps you should take later. Will it happen just as you planned it. Probably not, like Harry said when suggesting to return to Hogwarts which was occupied by the forces of Voldemort:


Harry Potter: We have to go there, now.

Hermione Granger: What? We can’t do that! We’ve got to plan! We’ve got to figure it out…

Harry Potter: Hermione! When have any of our plans ever actually worked? We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose!


The key to achieving any goal is to ask yourselves always how? And if you get stuck remember not to figure things out alone. There are many tools you can use to break out your steps. Many of them are free like google calender and habitforge. The later is a free app to develop good habits or getting rid of bad ones. The final question I ask you is will you be more like Harry? What small step are you going to take today for your self-development?

What can an introvert learn from The Walking Dead?

One of the first things you notice on this blog is a picture of Norman Reedus and myself from the Austin Comic Con. Needless to say I watch the show and I can’t wait for the mid-season premiere. My favorite thing to watch is the evolution of the characters. A fun thing in the show is watching the transition of some of them from being victims of their circumstances and rooting for them as they take control of their lives. It’s a great story arc.

I know for many people it’s just a fun zombie show; but for the truly geeky, this message of taking control of our lives should resonate with us very strongly. Because the zombie apocalypse is just a mirror of how we act in real life. That’s why George Romero made a mall the center of the plot in Dawn of the Dead.

How many times we have played the victim role? Many times it’s not that obvious, many times our experiences cloud so much our judgment that we don’t realize that we are not taking action and taking control of the situations at hand. We get stuck in figuring things out on our own and when that doesn’t work, we just give up because we get overwhelmed with our problems. Then we become more cynical and put psychological barriers in order to not face the truth that we are the ones who are causing our very own problems. Everyone at one point of their lives has done this, I know I have!

Just read the comments from any mainstream news outlet and you will read countless complaints of the involvement or lack of involvement of the government in the economy. I’ll tell you now that what separates the wheat from the chaff is focusing on the things that we can control. It’s pointless for the characters of the walking dead to blame the government for what has happened, because it would be a waste of time and it would probably cost them their lives.

The Walking Dead is a science fiction show, but how many pointless thoughts and petty discussions we have that are actually wasting our time that can be spent other wise in increasing our quality of life. Sadly that’s how many people live these days. Blaming the government, blaming capitalism, blaming socialism, blaming schools, family, spouse, etc…

Now my hope with this blog is that you can use it in a very practical way, that you can realize the tiny habits and systems are ways of taking control of our lives to help improve our jobs and our quality of life. This is meant for people who are more likely to take action like Rick Grimes who accepts that his world has gone to the crapper, but makes the best of it and tries to have a better quality of life. In the next article I’ll discuss the meaningful steps you can take for taking control and move forward with your goals. For now just think of at least one thing in your life that you would like to finally take control and just for fun tell me who is you’re favorite character in the walking dead?

How to be social like Tony Stark even if you are introverted.

We have heard before that it is important to have a good network; but let’s face it, our networking skills most of the time suck. We enjoy watching Tony Stark talking and grabbing the attention of people and we would like to have at least 10% of his charisma. However, we can’t seem to even make ourselves to say hi to a stranger at a party and we pretend to be busy with our smartphones.

What if I told you that social skills are exactly that; a skill. Something that needs to be practiced. If we want to have more interesting conversations for getting a better job or even to make a move on that person you been checking out at the party, you need to up the ante and start learning the game. Here are a few points that will help you better connect with people.

  1. Be genuine. I know what you’re thinking. This is an obvious stupid point. However the reason most people fail at networking is that they are always looking to get something from the other person. Be it a job. A phone number, information, etc. As of now you probably don’t have the billions to be a narcissistic doucebag like Tony Stark and you probably should just take the positive things about his personality. Always be mindful of the other person. In conversations, always 80% of the time you should be asking questions. I have gone to the extent of practicing this by writing down and memorizing basic questions that can lead to a genuine 10 minute conversation.

  1. Be useful. Society values people that can be useful. Don’t just say “people should just like me for me” for a deeper explanation of why check out this amazing piece on cracked. Always be in the look out to be useful to the other person which you could easily find out if you practice the art of shut up and listen. You don’t have to be an expert on anything just solve the persons problem or point them to a resource that might help them solve the problem such as a book or a referral to someone in your network that can solve the problem for them. The key is to always give something to the other person without expecting anything in return and maybe one day it may come back to you in a good way, but more important you would have another friend.

  1. Practice. This change won’t come easily or fast, but there is ton of information out there on how to improve your social skills. On of my favorite books that I highly recommend is How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. This book is timeless and the principles it teaches.