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The Journey of your Goals.

The Journey was a special edition episode that I made. It’s a short film/music video I guess? Anyway this episode was meant to accomplish 4 objectives:

Still from Episode 7: The Journey


  • Number one was to talk about how we focus to much on our goals when we should focus more on our process and enjoy the climb. I was inspired by a Gary Vaynerchuck video where he talks about the climb. Of course the tone and style of my video is completely different for Gary’s. Mine is obviously more leaning to the geek side and instead of the climb I called it the Journey. Yeah an original title I know.
  • Number two objective was to be as creative as possible and of course being a filmmaker I wanted to to something epic. It does not have a Lord of the Rings budget; heck, it does not even have a Lord of the Rings knock off budget. However it’s my baby and I love it, warts and all. I always talk about how not to let perfection get the best of you and how we need to take action always instead of waiting the stars to align.
  • Number three was to practice my craft in adobe after effects. Which is one of the big reasons I make these videos. To keep polishing my skills as a filmmaker. The book so good they can’t ignore you makes a strong case for homing your skills. I highly recommend reading that book for advancing any career.
  • Number four was for collaborating. I have always wanted to work with Sarah Danko. We tried to work in another project which didn’t took off. When I came about the idea of shooting The Journey of course I called her first. This is an example of both networking and collaborating to do incredible projects and I hope it inspire you to interact with more people. The more connections you have the higher chances you have of succeeding in any project. You don’t have to be an extrovert, but don’t let introversion stop you from connecting to other people.

That’s it I hope you enjoy the video and that it will inspire you on your own personal journey.



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